All treatments are made to the specific needs of the patient. Bliss Ayurveda uses traditional methods & medicated oils to achieve good health and immense well-being.  All treatments are covered by the insurance companies. Please check with your insurance provider to ensure you have coverage for alternative healthcare.

Insurance Coverage

All treatments and consultations are covered by insurance. Please do however check your own policy. Coverage depends on which insurance company and what policy you have. Ayurvedic treatments fall under the alternative therapy category. Please check this link to see if your insurance company covers Ayurveda:

  • Payments for treatments need to be payed first and the reimbursement can be recovered once the invoice has been submitted to your insurance company.
  • The insurance companies unfortunately do not cover the cost of herbal medicines, please take these costs into consideration in addition to the consultation fee.
  • Please ensure that you have been fully informed and advised by your insurance company.

Details of Bliss Ayurveda for your insurance company:

  • Praktijk: Bliss Ayurveda
  • Praktijk Zorgverlener: Nina Hossain
  • BTW Nummer: 244310385B01
  • KvK nummer: 34390493
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  • Please try to keep a 1 -1.5 hour gap between eating and the consultation or treatment.
  • Please do not drink tea, coffee or other caffeinated drinks before consultations or treatments.
  • Please do take your regular medicines. Also bring a list of your regular medicines, vitamins and supplements you are taking.

Body Treatments

  • Please note that body treatments cannot take place if you are menstruating. Please take your menstruation cycle into consideration when making an appointment.
  • There are also restrictions for those who currently have or have recovered from cancer.
  • Please wear dark coloured or old clothing for treatments, some oils are prepared with certain herbs that can stain leave a scent in the clothing.


  • Appointments changed with less than 24 hour’s will be charged for the full scheduled service. Less than 48 hours notice will be charged € 35.